PASHMINA is the finest handmade woolen fabric made from the soft, downy undercoat that grows primarily on the neck and belly of the Himalayan Mountain goat, Capra hiracus. The word Pashm is adjective of a Kashmiri word ‘Posh’ meaning the animal

Pashm has a special luster due to its long fine fibers which are as thin as 12 microns. Thus pashmina is exceptionally light, soft and warm and feels luxurious against the skin. The natural colors of pashmina range from white to brown, gray, black & dark tan.

The pashmina yarn is combed cleaned and then spun on wooden wheel called (charkha) by the weavers (artisans) of Kashmir and also the pashmina is 100% pashmina yarn without blended with any other wool. The legendary checks now in the luxury of Kashmiri Pashmina!

Each twitch and turn in this regal wrap has been skillfully done by master artisans from the Valley of Kashmir, who work meticulously to make your wrap a masterpiece. The famous checks add up color and vibrancy against the dull and despondent winter and carefully balance between tradition and modernity.