About Us

Ezna Ventures works with artisans in Kashmir,  as a team and supplies 100% pure hand spun & hand woven Pashmina/Cashmere Stoles/Scarves & Shawls/Wraps manufactured from finest Pashmina wool in the world. Our Company is engaged in supplying only hand woven stoles/shawls where spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing is done manually by artisans inside their house which requires tremendous amount of effort and skill on part of the Kashmiri artisans. Since the entire process engages large number of artisans which includes families, individuals, males & females, this helps the families to sustain livelihood in absence of Industries in Kashmir. A classic Pashmina wrap that is hand spun and hand woven is considered to be the most premium.

Ezna Ventures sources the best Pashmina from Ladakh, India that is used in making stoles/shawls for ensuring best quality of pashmina to the retail & wholesale clients. India produces the finest Pashmina wool in the world, the main and best quality coming from the Changthang plateau of Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir State. Pashmina wool is produced by Changra (Pashmina) goat in Ladakh and Chegu breed of goat in the eastern parts of Himalayas. The goats are reared in Ladakh by the Changpa tribe inhabiting Changthang region.